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Orthosurge Md's Foreword

2018-2023 Situational Assessment

Orthosurge Botswana is a citizen owned Medical & Health care solutions provider which was started with a strong sense of passion and desire of making a difference in people’s lives by providing high quality medical equipment and consumables with exceptional after sales support coupled by outstanding customer service. We focus on supplying Niche product range in Surgical & Diagnostics Equipment & Consumables focusing on high clinical value as well as specialized after sales support to produce outstanding customer satisfaction for our customers.

We have partnered with reputable global manufacturers who have shared their expertise with us to introduce cutting edge technology in our market. 

We have seen significant growth over the years due to investment in human capital and technology, a high standard of service and our diversified customer base. Over 80 Orthosurge Botswana employees are united in the understanding that what we do everyday makes a difference.

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Our statistics do tell more

We strive to be the leading medical supplier in the region

80+Expert Personnel
28+Years of Combined Exprience
18kSatisfied Customers
Core Values


Oneness and unity of purpose amongst (alignment) employees characterised by trust; pulling together & sharing ideas, information and experiences; as well as supporting one another beyond work areas – guided by bigger and shared goals and commitments. Acknowledging others accordingly.


Professional; ethical; honest and morally upright; responsible behaviour; accountable for own actions; walking the talk (able to own-up and tell the truth in all situations, not abusing personal privileges and opportunities or taking unfair advantage of situations and others, respecting fellow staff & customers.


Going beyond stakeholder and customer expectations in product quality; unparalleled customer service excellence; commitment by all to set the pace, trendsetting and continuous improvement.


Strong desire; burning enthusiasm; zeal; unreserved willingness and interest to treat clients diligently with utmost care and empathy; going the extra mile in everything.  
Vision Statement

Vision Statement

The leading provider for medical solutions and after sales support in SADC
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We enable positive health care outcomes by providing needs-anchored quality products and reliable medical solutions
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Fast and professional

Why Choose Orthosurge?

  • Innovation
  • Excellent customer service
  • Advanced delivery systems
  • Local support and global reach
  • Total value of ownership (TVO)
  • Excellent after sales support by our technical and applications team
  • Flexibility and special services
  • Consistency in providing good quality products
  • Market knowledge
  • Financial stability

We take pride in investing in health care

We aim to make people’s lives better by providing high quality, affordable Medical Products.
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Our reliable Partners we trust in

We could never have done it alone